The Moment of Truth - Satisfyer Pro 2

In the world of sex toys, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is lauded for giving a Come Unto the Jizzy Light user experience without ever making direct contact with the clitoris, thanks to its revolutionary form of light suction.

I charged up the Satisfyer for a whole day before use, which brings me to another important Commandment: When using a sex toy for the first time, get that thing at full charge to see what you’re dealing with so you can judge it at full-operating capactiy. Some sex toys even sound louder if their motor is not fully juiced. And iquiet sex toys/not annoying your roommates is important to you, keep that in mind. 

The Satifsyer fit well in my hand when I was actually on my back. The bulk of the weight is in the handle, presumably to offer more control, I’m guessing. The head’s suction element isn’t just deep set, but cavernous, which means what for your clitoris? Well, not even a few seconds into use, I already got it. “OHHHHHHKAYYY,” said the goblins in my brain that usually rev me up to orgasm, “This thing knows what it’s doing.” It had a whisper-quiet motor, and used a blend of pulses and air pressure that fit together seamlessly.

As for the deep set suction? My friend and I both agreed that it was the tits, and feels truly game-changing for pretty much anyone who's clitoral toy-curious but not sure where to start. 

If you want a little more pressure (me) all you have to do is turn up the intensity a tad or press down; if you want a lighter touch, like my friend, you need only rest the Satisfyer on your clit like a laurel wreath, and let it go to town. That’s because the ample suction area is key to the Air Pulse technology. Think of it as the difference between yodeling against a brick wall, and yodeling into a sparkling, amethyst cavern. Of course the latter resonates better, deeper. The sound waves fill a cave gradually, and in a more well-rounded manner that feels like a gentle tide of pleasure rather than a baseball bat to the clit. I’m actually drawing a diagram of this Hard Science on a cocktail napkin as we speak, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Mary K

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