About Us

Ophelia's Bedroom, this beautiful online boutique selling intimacy toys was established to enable adults of different sexes, sexual preferences, age groups, ethnic and religious background within Australia to have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of quality sex toys within a safe and secure environment.

'Sexual expression, choice, respect, independence, and the importance of Sexual Truth' are our mantra.  These are the words and actions that stand out in our crowd, are the true news headliners, should be tattooed on side boobs and arm sleeves, screamed at the top of tall buildings and in our humble opinion most definitely taught in schools 'Own Your Sexual Truth!'

Acknowledging the importance of sexual wellness and sexual health is part of your positive sex journey.  For those of you who feel vulnerable in this space, we hope to gain your trust through our incredible customer service, by only offering the best range of sex toys, lubricants, massage oils and sex toy cleaning products. We wish to help you come to understand what it is you enjoy sexually and give you the confidence to voice this to yourself, your partner/partners.  Our aim is to have you enjoy visiting our online sex toy store, shop, read our blogs and importantly breakdown any negative misconceptions you may have.

As a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, I want to be sexually healthy and look after my sexual well-being.  It is after all, an important part of my physical and mental health, and directly affects all my relationships.

My want and need are to always Own My Sexual Truth. What's yours?