The Perfect Bedroom

When designing this site, I knew I wanted Ophelia’s Bedroom to be different in that it had to be the perfect “bedroom”. Your bedroom. It’s intimate, has soft furnishings in just the right places, has solid wood where it counts, and an area created specifically for playdates and of course a corner for reflecting and education. 

My soul intention was to encourage you to shed any negative and archaic ideas you may have about your body, sex, masturbation, sexuality and of course intermate pleasure products.

The only way to encourage change is to enable it through education. Knowledge is power and sex education apparently open fodder for all pre-teens, but why the question begs to be asked, why not adults. Sex education is really an ongoing essential for all ages. Yes, it’s taught in schools worldwide to pre-pubescent teens starting out on their own sexual journey, but somewhere along the way, these well-informed sexters end up being adults who don’t know how to locate their G-spots or that there are in fact two holes in the vulva:- the vaginal opening and the opening to your urethra (where us ladies pee from), shocking I know! I find it frightening to think of the gaps in our sex education, all those misinformed people missing out on true sexual pleasure, so sad.

My motivation – pleasure, I want you share with you the importance of touch and how crucial it is to our mental health. There is of course the scientific reason: - touch increases dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that assist in regulating our moods. The practical one though is what truly resonates with me. The practice of touch soothes comforts and calms. Touch is essential to achieve sexual stimulation. Touch is important, relevant, and necessary for our overall health. Touch matters. Those moments that mean the most are those related directly to touch. An embrace, kiss, holding hands, a stroke, sexual in nature or not, they are what truly matter. Touch is intimate but doesn’t need to be shared, touch can be with or without another.

My objective – to help you find your sexual truth. I liken sex education to your computer or smartphone. Throughout its lifespan, it needs constant upgrades with new information and of course the most up to date bullet proof anti-virus protection. And like your computer or smartphone if you don’t regularly commit to completing these updates you leave yourself vulnerable to misinformation, disease and end up compromising your own health and experience.

Remember what you think you knew and what you should know changes as your age and within your circumstance and experience. I’ve certainly changed over the years, relationships, age, pregnancy, perimenopause, hormones, medications, stress, and so on. There are so many variables to consider and that’s just me.  Like my iPhone, I recommend scheduling updates in the form of self-discovery, health checks, sex education, reading reputable publications, listening to podcasts, blogs, and watching videos. This will ultimately boost your performance and enhance your experience.

Sex education should be a personal commitment, pressing that refresh button a necessity. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, I won't lie at times it’ll definitely feel awkward. But taking this journey will change you, owning your sexuality is liberating, joyous, and profoundly good for the soul. There’s nothing more impowering than the feeling of knowing your sexual truth.

If sex, is just sex, you’re doing it wrong and if you don’t masturbate, it’s time to start. Information and education are vital to your sexual wellness and overall health. I believe it's time to get your Big O @opheliasbedroom

Ophelia x

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